Sunday, April 15, 2007

the thing about free advise

ok, here's the thing, i have decided to come back. not that anyone cares as i seriously doubt that there is anyone who reads this pile of dung anyway. But if you do, then you got too much free time on your hands and you should drop me a mail right away coz, i'd like to have more free time on my hands too.

For a come back, let me mention about something.
There is this thing called free advise. You know, those advise or what those hlolier than thou likes to call 'Words of wisdom'. You are minding your own business and then BAM! someone tells you that you should do this or that (and in their silly little mind) certain areas of your life will be better. Or when some "should know better to mind their own business' people hears of some difficulties that you are going through give you some advise without you asking. You know, those kind of free unsolicited advise?

The thing about these type of advise is that somehow or rather the person who gives those advise have the idea that they are some sort of expert and that you should follow their advise. If you don't then they will either keep pestering you or wait for your doom and then say "i told him so". Sometimes, these folks need to know that there is that minute possibility that when people listen to their advise, it does not necessarily bind them to follow through your advise.

Something like if someone offers you a free f*ck. You don't necessarily have to take it. and btw, if you are the one offering, no offense, but sometimes what you offer is not mecessarily what we are looking for.


yup. the webster is back.
let's see how long i will last this time....hehe...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


It’s been quite a while since I wrote.
Well, lemme see what have been happening
Steve Irwin died. *sob* poor bloke got stung by a stingray, but no need for me to regurgitate what is already available in the papers. Although I am not a die hard fan of the guy, I do feel a deep sense of loss because of his contagious enthusiasm when ever he speaks.
floyd landis won the tour, but as usual the is the customary doping accusations.
at the work front, work is really piling up like a dried up cow patties. People keep leaving the company and this brought about to a vicious cycle. People leave, big big boss do not allow rehire to fill in, and rest of us jokers have to cover. Work load grows and people cannot take it and left and back to first step.
then there’s these wayne gardner wanna be who thinks that they are invincible (but obviously not in audible) who races their motorbikes at night. Now that they have been shoved into the limelight, they have recently demanded that the government provide low cost racetrack for them to race in. their sorry excuse is that the reason they raced on the streets were because they do not have a decent place to race at. The webster thinks that this is a request worth a little bit of consideration from the authorities. In fact the authorities should also consider requests from rapist to provide cheap (is not free) tricks for them because they cannot afford to pay to satisfy their urges and therefore have to resort to rape. Makes sense? Or who not give handbags loaded with money to snatch thieves so that they do not have to resort to snatching from unsuspecting women? Duh!

So here’s the blue moon occasional rant. Not that anyone reads nor cares ;)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

what's with the cycling people lah

wtf lah. ullrich is now out of the tour and so is basso.
this doping thing is really getting out of hand.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

let's catch the funcker

this started to appear at my apartment block.

i wonder what is the actual defination of a funcker, a person who has fun f**king?

if that's the case i'm a funcker too.

Friday, April 28, 2006

of boobies and factors

i think i might have stumbled on something.
if you have watched a show on TV that pits the contestants againts stunts and eating disgusting stuff and then the winner gets 50K dollars , you know the show about that factor that people refer to as fear...

For some time i have noticd that most (if not all of the time) the female contestants have big boobs. I am not sure why, but i just dismissed it as a luck of the draw. Then i also noticed that those with the bigg (yes is big with and extra g) boobs seldom win the 50K.

After much analysis, i have came to this deduction.
If you watch the show carefully, you will notice that there is a pattern in the stunts.
Typically (but not all the time) the first stunt will be about doing something in the water, then it will be followed by a second stunt which involve the contestant eating disgusting stuff and finally a third one will be stunts about heights or balance. not necessarily all the time, but i think enough for me to make a layman deduction.

so the questions comes to what does bigg boobs has to do with all this?
well here's my deduction.
I postulate (and i stress postulate- so don't go around accusing me) that since the first stune normally involve doing something in the water , having extra bouyancy might be advantageous to the contestant. I mean, let's face it, most of the male contestant are athelete types, the girls will not stand a chance if they do not have any help. therefore i postulate that the producers carefully selected contestants with advantage in bouyancy to even up the playing field. besides, having a closeup shot of big 'limau bali' bursting in the undersized bikini top couldn't hurt the TV ratings right?

then it comes down to the second stunt. (the one about eating disgusting stuff)
I also do postulate that the bigg boobs can come is as an advantage too. Why? well simply for the fact that if you are to eat something disgusting at a pre determined time, not having to look at it until the very last minute do help right. No point getting sick at the sight even before tasting. and in this case I strongly believe that having something to shield the line of sight will be advantageous. besides, a close up shot of the contestant jiggling (in some cases flopping) their boobies while eating something disgusting does help the TV ratings.
on a separate note: I often wonder how Jordan (and i do not mean the basketball player) paint her toenails.

finally the third stunt.
i guess this is the downfall. i mean a pair of limau bali does not contribute positively to one's balance and in most of the episodes, balance is normally key in the third stunt. besides, i guess the viewers probably had enough boobs by then ...
(on hindsight what am i saying here... can one really reach the point of having enough boobies?)

I wonder if silicone floats.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

i think i am pretty convinced now that when God created human, He sometimes (for His entertainment i guess) start from different part of the anatomy. for some he started with the heart, and some from the brain. But the definately obvious and clear cut ones are the ones that were created from their ass first and their body are mere extension of their ass holes. so i guess that is my justification for mentally labelling some folks ass holes.
psstt... i saw a fine sample today while having tim sum breakfast at abu siti lane today.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

if you can read this, you are driving too close...

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but don’t you just hate it when you go shopping and the staff at the shops follows you closely when you browse through their stuff in the shop. I don’t know about you, but I get really irritated by those people. Especially when they follow you really close. And to top of it all these people who follow you around are always the most fugly assed employee in the store. I mean if they wanna do that at the least they can do is to send in some eye candy. I mean if you wanna shoo me off, at least gimme something to compensate for it.